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Flexylex Tha Fbabyboss - LIVIN' IN EMOTIONS (EP)

LUINA new sensation who has love for the hiphop part of music and also an extraordinary producer from the stables of EMPIRE OF DYNASTIES with the name "Flexylex Tha Fbabyboss", 

has put together this exceptional EP titled LIVIN' IN EMOTIONS for the fans, He's young and talented. You can keep in touch with him on social media @fbabyboss. Share till it goes viral.



1. *"Another Day" DOWNLOAD <>*


2. *"Baecation" DOWNLOAD <>*


3. *"Distance" DOWNLOAD <>*


4. *"HeartBeat" DOWNLOAD <>*


5. *"If You Were My Girl" DOWNLOAD



6. *"Teach Me How To Love You" DOWNLOAD



7. *"Waves For Yo Eyes" DOWNLOAD



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