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The flow of entertainment and information technology is growing daily, but the time needed to separate the relevant from the irrelevant does not. The Onerace Concepts seeks to provide this missing link by helping its readers to make sense of the vast amount of news and information being created by our social networks.

The Onerace Concepts gathers filters and selects from the chaos of news, information, blogs, etc. on and about Nigerian entertainment business, and delivers the resulting feed to its niche-targeted audience, principally the nation's business.

In living up to its mission of delivering a kaleidoscopic summary of the business technology, entertainment, latest music and video of the day, as it happens, the Onerace Concepts offers an attractive environment for the mercantile community to showcase its products and services to an affluent and influential audience.

To leverage advertising opportunities in the Onerace Concepts, please feel free to send us e-mail to the following e-mail address below:

Advertisement material should be submitted in AUDIO, VIDEO, GIF, HTML, JPEG and SWF formats. Page impressions represent the number of times a page, including advertisements, is viewed by a reader. All placements shall be paid for, prior to publication, in United States dollars or Naira equivalent.

For further inquiries, please contact the Advertisement Sales Manager:
Phone: +234 8065678712 BBM PIN: 279DB578
For Publicity/Advertising/Promotion Opportunities please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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